Drug Analogue Screening & Forecasting Tool (U.S. Market Data)


  • The two most popular methods for conducting forecasting studies for pipeline drugs are by Epidemiology (patient) based forecasting and or Analogue based forecasting. This tool, "PUKKA" is an analog selection tool that provides our clients with an access to 100 drug brands marketed in U.S. since 2005 up to 2012 with their Qualitative and Quantitative data up to 2022.

  • Analogues play an important role in forecasting a new product's market potential since there is no historical data that can be referenced for the pipeline drug of interest.

  • The best analogs are those that are similar to the new product in terms of disease type (Chronic/Acute), order of entry into the market (by treatment and drug class), efficacy rate, dosage form, dosing, route of administration, drug class, side effects, contraindications, safety, drug cost per day, days of therapy, sales data (historical and forecast) etc. However, it is almost impossible to find analogs that match the product of interest in all of these parameters. The solution is to study several analogs on common attributes in order to create a forecast model for a new product.

  • The prime objective of this tool is to help our clients get instant access to qualitative and quantitative (sales data for U.S. in Millions) data for drug brands that they intend to study as analogs while forecasting pipeline drugs.

  • We would like to express that this tool is not a mere sales/forecast database tracking only top drug brands but is a tool that captures all those drug brands that were approved by U.S. FDA from 2005 up to 2012 for single indications only. Since the tool's prime objective is to help our clients forecast their pipeline drug through analog based forecasting technique, we very carefully selected only those drug brands approved for single indications till the last historical year (2015) to ensure the analogs to be near accurate with the drug attributes critical while choosing perfect analogs for forecasting study.

  • Drug brands with multiple approved indications record inclusive sales thereby posing an unclear picture for single indication which majority of the time leads to either exaggerated or underestimated sales forecast for client's pipeline drug of interest.

  • Selection of appropriate set of analogs (at times one analog or no analog) is dependent upon the selection criteria applied by clients from the given list of attributes in the tool.

  • We request you to read the "Frequently Asked Questions" section in this tool to clear most of your doubts/concerns. In case a doubt persists our techno-commercial executive will be available round the clock to respond to your further queries either via email or telephone. You can mail us on dj@sa-brc.com or call us on: +1(832)-426-3701.

  • How it works?

  • After logging in for demo access, click on “View Demo” while the subscribers click on “Get Started. You will be directed to a page showing search criteria.

  • The user has to select at least one criterion and click “view Results” at the bottom to see the drug brands listed as per the selected criteria

  • Please click on the check boxes adjacent to the brands to view in detail – qualitative data, US Sales Data and Launch Year Wise Sales Data

  • “Launch Year Wise Data” tab shows sales performance of the selected brands right from year 1 of their launch till the last year of forecast period that is 2022 along with a dynamically generated chart for the selected drug brands

  • To re-visit the search criteria page from data view page, click on Refresh Search